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PiBotics FRC 3814 is a high school robotics team with 4 different high schools in Boone County Schools District. There are over 40 students on the team and we continually grow every year.

PiBotics FRC 3814 has been together since 2011. Team 3814 started as the Ryle Raider Robotics team, but we have now grown to a district-wide team open to high school students across Boone County Public Schools. We have competed in several regional competitions and made it to finals in multiple seasons. Our team has been fortunate to receive sponsorships from several area companies.

With our recent growth, new, bigger location and increased number of students participating, we are now offering credits for Robotics I, Robotics II and Robotics III as well as an option for students to earn a varsity letter. We have had some bumps in the road but we learn from our mistakes to make the next competitions and years better and better and then we can teach students stuff we have learned in the past.