Rocket City 2019 Regional:

5th in qualifying out of 55 teams


Team R.U.S.H 27 Spirit Award

3rd Place Mission Patch Award

Miami valley 2019 regional:

Woodie Flowers Award

Cori fall 2018 invitational:

Spirit Award

Mentor of the Year Award

Buckeye 2018 Regional:

Team Spirit Award

30th in qualifying

St. Louis 2018 Regional:

13th in qualifying and 8th in finals

Rocket City 2017 Regional:

3rd in qualifying and 3rd in finals

Miami Valley 2017 Regional:

31st in qualifying

Bosch FIRST Video Contest:


Queen City 2016 Regional:

39th in qualifying

Queen City 2015 Regional:

14th in qualifying and 8th in finals

Buckeye 2015 Regional:

10th in qualifying and 5th in finals